A mother carries a child in her womb for about 280 days during Pregnancy. Two years of Infancy, from date of birth is 730 days. We add 90 days, preparatory to conception – called Preconception.  THESE 1100 DAYS ARE THE GOLDEN PERIOD OF LIFE. This period is recognised as a very important phase of life since it determines much of what happens in later life.None of us remember it yet the 1100-day period is probably the most extraordinary period of human life! The embryo/foetus/ infant functions with super-normal faculties during this time. The child in the womb and an infant operate in the sub-conscious or super-conscious state. The limitations of a conscious mind, like in adults, do not operate in this state.


An infant operates in Theta and Delta wave mind frequencies. There is a million times higher capacity to absorb knowledge and information than adults! For instance:

  • A child operates in a near hypnotic state. In this state, there are well known cases where one could look through opaque walls or do super-normal feats.

  • An adult’s conscious mind picks up and processes 40 signals per second from the environment. The signals can be of colour, sound, face, smell and the like. A baby in the sub-conscious realm picks up 2 crore signals per second! (Ref: Dr Bruce Lipton- “Biology of Belief”, page 136)


A child with such abilities is a natural seeker and learner. In this period the basic structure of Health, Immunity, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual and Physical abilities get defined.  Social and Familial behaviour, attitudes, tendencies, patterns and temperaments are created. All these will show up and impact the course life – from childhood through adulthood!


The new understanding of the importance of the prenatal and perinatal period of life has resulted in a world-wide focus in this area.