Shivanetra Academy for Prenatal and Infant Education, is the first of its kind in India. SAPIEN is an institution dedicated to spreading awareness about prenatal and infant development, psychology and education – which is at the core of parenting and learning potential. As a human community, we all have a vested interest in education. We wish for our future generations to be contributors and successful citizens of the world. Formative years of a human being; pre-conception, pregnancy and infancy, also called the GOLDEN PERIOD, defines the quality of human life.


The dominant view till recently was that a foetus or baby developing in the womb is just a mass or cells, tissues and organs. ‘Babies do not have a mind, emotions or other human faculties’, was the prevailing medical thought and understanding. What it needs for development is a proper diet, nutrition, appropriate supplements and medication as may be required. The mother was the primary conduit to the child as she physically carries the baby and supplies the requirements through the placenta / umbilical cord mechanism. The child was not recognised as having any other abilities or dimensions. In fact, a baby-in-the-womb was not even recognised as a full human being with senses, thoughts and feelings!


In the last three decades, the knowledge and understanding of the foetus, pregnancy, influence of the pregnant mother and father, society and universal factors has undergone a sea of change. A prenatal baby today is recognised as a highly enabled and empowered human being. It is sentient with almost all abilities of adults. Many abilities of the prenatal child surpass what grown-ups can do! An infant is no less capable and is fact making a superb transition from a seemingly cozy and secure world of the womb to our world of opportunities and challenges.


There is an urgent need to recognise the need for Early Education including pregnancy and infancy. The benefits of such education are felt over the entire life time of the person. Family and society also gain immensely because of the higher potential and productivity capacity infused by such education in the early ages.


Shivanetra Trust wishes to place this knowledge and information within the reach of all those engaged in childcare including parents, educators and practitioners of care in the course of pregnancy and infancy. The courses at SAPIEN have been organised for the use of Parents, Social Workers, Educators, Organisations and Healthcare practitioners.