Shaiphali is a commerce graduate from Jodhpur University. She has been an active volunteer at Omnio Future for the last two years, where she was involved with helping pregnant women and prenatal/perinatal children. She has been trained by Shivanetra Trust in infant education and general guidelines of education. She has been intensively trained on Infant Education and subconscious development of Early learners.


Shaiphali is a member of Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH) – an organization that educates professionals and the public, worldwide, that a baby’s experience of conception, pregnancy, and birth creates lifelong consequences for individuals, families, and society. As a result of scientific discoveries and continually emerging evidence, we know babies are conscious and sentient beings.


Shaiphali is also undergoing the Pre-Natal and Peri-Natal Educator (PPNE) Certificate Program course from APPPAH.